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Fight for the music industry.

A network of pirate 'pay-for-access' sites are attracting over 11 million monthly visits from selling your music. The Music Mission is a collaborative industry project to redirect that revenue to you through legitimate platforms.

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What Is The Music Mission?

Pirates are making £100,000s per month from your music! The Music Mission aims to increase the industry’s income at a time it is desperately needed.
A flow chart showing the distribution of money between legitimate and pirate websites.
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    Register your support.

    Join our supporters by lending your brand's name and social reach to this important project. The more support we have from the industry, the greater the result we can collectively achieve.

  2. 2

    We investigate and work on specific targets.

    The Music Mission will do work behind-the-scenes, mapping and investigating underlying key dependancies that these sites have.

  3. 3

    Stop your money going to pirates!

    Supporters owning the right content will be sent infringment notices to forward to payment gateways and server companies. This will shut down their ability to keep taking your money.

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    Cash is injected back into the industry.

    With fewer 'pay-for-access' sites, search results won't link to non-genuine sites ahead of licensed ones, turning users to buy from legitimate stores, resulting in more traffic and music discovery.


The Facts and Figures.

Why should you care about commercial music piracy? This is why...
Visits per month* to legitimate dance music download sites.
Visits per month* to the network of pirate 'pay-for-access' sites.
Money paid by users for music on 'pay-for-access' pirates sites every month*.
*The traffic is estimated using Alexa and SimilarWeb analytics data. The amount paid monthly is based on assuming that out of 11 million visits, there are at least 35,000 paying users (0.32%).
The subscriptions which pirates charge for are between £8.50 and £42, which would make an average of £15 per month not unlikely. The total figure is £525,000.

The Supporters.

Some of the biggest names and brands in the music industry are already supporting The Music Mission! Here are just a few...
Brighton Music Conference
Defected Records
Future Sound of Egypt
New State Entertainment

Join The Music Mission!

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