Twenty-six ways to spend time listening to music.

26 Things You Can Do While Listening to Music

My friends and students asked me several times to suggest activities while listening to music.

After doing a Google search, this question was asked by many people. It was interesting enough that I decided to write an article.

Did You Know that music can produce oxytocin? It is the hormone of love and happiness.

Yes, music has many benefits for our mental and physical health.

It can reduce stress and be our ally during the emotional rollercoaster that defines most of our lives.

We often listen to music in many contexts without realizing it. Who knows? Some of our daily decisions are influenced or inspired by the emotions that a song, or a melody, can stir in us.

I’m sharing some ideas with you today about the many activities you can do while you listen.

I’ll also be a “deejay” since I’m going offer to you some musical tracks that you may not have heard and that could make the perfect soundtrack to at least one of your daily tasks.

I will start by suggesting activities you do at home that you can enjoy with the music. Then I’ll move on to suggestions that you can do outdoors or in other settings.

Let’s get started!

Making love (1)

It is a significant moment in life and it requires an atmosphere. Music can help you create a unique atmosphere.

Romantic music is the best choice when you’re in the beginning stages of a relationship with your partner.

You will make a great impression and also break the ice. The rest will be much more enjoyable.

The idea of combining music with love does not have to stop at the beginning stages of a relationship.

Even a couple can reap the benefits.

Knowing your partner better will allow you to change the music you choose. You can start with a romantic track and then move on to more aggressive ways depending on your goal.

I present a playlist with some very interesting tracks. It is suitable for both a romantic evening as well as for someone who is transgressive.

Waiting your turn (2)

Sometimes, moments of waiting can occur, such as when you wait at the bank for an appointment or to get on the bus, subway, or train.

These situations can often cause stress and tension. An appropriate music background can also make a big difference.

Listening to music can help with anxiety, stress, and worry.

This relaxing background in a lounge is the ideal solution to make the waiting times of your day more enjoyable.

Yoga and Meditation (3-4)

Yoga and Meditation are two of the many activities that can be performed with good accompaniment.

They can be done indoors and outdoors, and you can select a background sound to improve your psychological balance.

Do not listen to Western pop music or tracks with a high BPM

Music should calm and not agitate.

Choose a calm and refined background. I like to listen to Indian music or Hindu mantras.

Running and working out (5 -6)

It can make running or exercising more enjoyable if you listen to music while you are doing it.

Music’s primary function is motivating and not making you tired.

There are many options for background music.

Choose tracks with a steady beat and a fast pace to keep your training sessions going.

According to Dr. Coastas Karageoghis’s book ” Within Sports Psychology,” running while listening to music can improve performance by up to 15%.

Why not give it another shot?

These videos include music tracks you can listen to while you run or exercise.

They’ll provide you with the adrenaline you need to tackle your workout session.

Embroidering (7)

You can also embroider with good music.

Because of the gestures’ repetitiveness, I recommend you create a heterogeneous playlist that includes tracks with different styles, rhythms, and tempos to add variety to your sonic background.

Cooking (8)

I was listening to music while cooking is a great way to express your creativity.

Cooking well requires inspiration, and music can help in this regard.

If you’re nervous about inviting guests to dinner, you can select melodies to help ease tension.

Let me share with you some of the songs in this video. These songs will inspire you throughout the cooking process.

Reading a book (9-10)

Studying is another exciting activity that can be combined with music.

It would be best if you kept a high level of concentration. I recommend using a light, instrumental background without too many variations.

It is not recommended that you listen to pop music during study sessions. You could find yourself focusing more on lyrics than the content of your textbook.

A specific song could bring up pleasant and unpleasant memories, emotions, and thoughts that could distract you from the topic you are trying to learn.

Here is a playlist to help you focus better and be more productive when studying.

Working (11)

Work can be made more enjoyable by music.

Research done by Music Works has shown that listening or performing work-related tasks at home can increase an individual’s attention.

It can also positively impact the success of teamwork by improving the quality of work, coordinating activities, and helping members deal with fatigue better.

If done correctly, listening to music while working can be a creative way to combine enjoyment with duty and make you more content.

You can find many music playlists on Youtube to listen to while at work.

Surfing the Internet (12).

People spend more time online chatting and surfing the web.

It’s a great time to get out your headphones, listen to your favorite songs, or discover new music.

You can use Spotify or Youtube to get musical suggestions and find the album you are looking for.

Board games (13)

You can also use music to play board games with family and friends.

It’s sure to be more fun to challenge others using the official background music of your favorite games.

You can find board games like Cluedo that have a custom-made soundtrack.

Gardening (14)

Mixing gardening with music that recreates the sounds and nature of nature can transport you to another dimension if you live in a city.

Music is already an integral part of your life if you live in a rural area.

The sounds of birds, wind blowing, and animal noises are some of the most beautiful and natural forms of music.

Listen to the sounds around you, and you’ll see that your soundscape is perfect.

Driving (15)

Driving is another thing you do most often while listening to music.

Music can never be a companion in this situation, as it can keep you active and awake and decrease the chance of falling asleep behind the wheel.

It can have drawbacks, mainly if you listen to too much music.

You could be ignoring the sounds of the road, or worse, you might not even notice if the car is in trouble. It would increase your risk of being involved in an accident.

Regardless, your taste will dictate the music you play while driving.

Take a break (16)

It’s not paradoxical. Listening to music while you nap is beautiful.

It’s a natural relaxant, which slows down your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure.

It is better to choose a music background that doesn’t tire the mind and induces sleep in such cases than heavy metal or dance tracks.

Below is my musical suggestion for a restful night.

Housework (17).

You can’t avoid housework, regardless of whether you like it or not.

Doing housework while listening to good music can make this an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

When you look at it, these are dynamic actions: doing dishes, washing dishes, and ironing. It’s all more fun with some music.

All it takes is a pair of headphones, a phone, speakers, or even the old stereo to make a completely new experience.

You can dance between two things. If you share this moment, it can be an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with someone.

The music playlist was created to help you do your housework.

Take a shower (18).

A shower is another great thing to do while listening.

A bath instantly makes you feel better, especially in the morning.

Just listen to good music and make your shower one of the most enjoyable moments of the day.

The best music and shower combination will make you feel great.

You can start all the following things, good or bad, with a positive attitude and mindset.

Having motivational or upbeat music in the shower can give you the energy and drive to get through the day.

You can choose lighter, more relaxing music if you prefer to take a bath in the evening.

This playlist is ideal for such moments, as you can hear water in certain tracks. It will make your evening more tranquil and relaxed.

Painting, coloring, and drawing (19 -20-21)

I want to concentrate on drawing, painting, and coloring among the many creative and artistic activities you can do while listening to and enjoying music.

Fine arts and music work well together.

Music is an excellent source of inspiration for artists since it can interact with your ideas and suggest combinations of colors, emotions, and shapes.

Combining music and fine art can allow you to have some alone time, nurturing your creativity.

If you want to get to know yourself better, a hobby like this will help you discover those aspects of yourself that are difficult to express at other times.

Here’s the playlist that I chose for you:

Writing (22)

Writing, when combined with music, can be a great pastime. It can help you express yourself creatively.

My experience has shown me that articles with musical backgrounds related to the topic increase their quality.

No matter what you write about, music will be a source of inspiration and support.

What background is more fitting than classical music?

These suggestions are evoked through instrumental sounds and not accompanied by words. The listener can wander in his mind, searching for the thoughts, emotions, and memories that make up the soul of creative writing.

Walking your dog (23)

Walking a dog is a task that can be done concisely because we may need more time or our minds are busy with other things.

You can make this moment more enjoyable by listening to great music.

It could encourage you to go on long walks with your four-legged friend and provide immense psychological benefits.

You are invited to listen to your favorite music at medium volume to be aware of what is happening on the streets.

Playing video games (24)

You may have heard that some video games, such as FIFA, allow you to listen to music while playing.

If you don’t like the app’s background music, you can choose what you want to listen to.

This type of activity lends itself to lively, exciting music. It will give you the energy and motivation to take on all the challenges.

Dancing (25)

When asked “What to do while listening” to music, I reply: Dance!

Feeling alive and accessible by moving your body to the beat of the music.

You don’t have to go to the disco. You can still do it at home with your loved ones.

It will make you and those around you feel better.

Listening to music with complete awareness (26).

It concludes our journey through the most popular things you can do while listening to music.

I’m a music teacher, and I have something to share with you.

Music can be your friend and keep you company at all times of your life.

But, with the accompaniment of music, this is the best action.

Focus all your attention on the music, and you will discover its unique characteristics. You can also appreciate the beauty hidden behind the sonic curtain made of rhythms, harmony, and silences.


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