The Music Mission Starts

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Music anti-piracy specialists AudioLock have partnered with music distributors Label Worx to launch an initiative that tackles the growing problem of infringing 'pay-for-access' download sites by uniting labels to help cut off the pirate's income at the source.

Unlike traditional music piracy, where individuals share and copy music on a small and often personal scale, ‘pay-for-access’ pirate sites are highly organised criminal operations that masquerade as legitimate stores and con unaware consumers into paying for subscriptions to access unlimited amounts of stolen music. The professionally-designed sites lead many to wrongly believe that because they are paying a fee, the stores they are purchasing from must be legal and providing the revenue back to the artist. AudioLock and Label Worx call on labels to join them in their campaign to take on around 200 of these infringing sites, shut them down through the closure of their payment gateways, and redirect music lovers back to legitimate sources. The result? A much needed boost in revenue to our artists through legal sales of their music, at a time when they need it more than ever.

The process doesn’t cost labels a penny and couldn’t be simpler:

  1. REGISTER: Labels can register their support via the Music Mission website.
  2. RESEARCH: The Music Mission will work behind the scenes mapping and investigating underlying key dependencies that these sites have.
  3. REPORT: Selected supporters will get pre-prepared infringement notices to forward to payment gateways and server companies used by the sites. This will shut down their ability to keep taking your money.
  4. REVENUE: is injected back into the industry.

The big players in the industry – Beatport, Juno Download and Traxsource – pull in an impressive 9.4 million visitors to their dance music download stores on a monthly basis. Their pirate counterparts are jumping ahead with a whopping 11 million visits.

Unlike ‘traditional’ pirate sites, many ‘pay-for-access’ pirate sites have been fabricated with the intention of impersonating some of the best-known and trusted music stores. They come with features such as impressive editorials and an eye for detail when it comes to music curation.

“The subscriptions on these infringing sites range from £8.5 to £41 per month, in comparison to our legitimate dance music stores charging between £1 to £2 per track and are paying the content owners. It is clear to see how the industry is enticed through the offer of flashy stores and generous download offers. While it is impossible to be sure, even if you assume that out of those 11 million visits to pay-for-access pirate sites, that only 35,000 visitors (0.32%) decide to pay for a subscription (at an average of £15 per month), that is still over £500,000 paid to the pirates currently per month. This cash injection back to our industry would make a substantial difference.” - Ben Rush CEO/Founder AudioLock


We have already gained the support and backing from some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Axtone, Defected, Toolroom, and Brighton Music Conference, but we need the wider industry to support the mission and make a stand. The outcome will really make an incredible difference to the music industry.

You can visit our website at for more information and to register your support to join the mission!